Editing / Adding Pages in Cubecart

by robinsnest ~ February 5th, 2009. Filed under: CubeCart Tutorials.

Adding pages and editing your front page is as easy as writing and email.

On the left hand side menu scroll down to Documents

Cubecart Adding Documents

To change the text on your front store page

Click Homepage.

Your Policies, Terms, Links and other Pages are under Site Documents.

Homepage / Front Page Editor

Edit your Title, then add text and pictures using the editor.

Click Update Homepage.

Site Documents are pages you can add and edit in your site. This is where you would want your policies and information. Some sites have font choices for there customers they use the Documents to display those pictures.

Site Documents and Other Pages

You choose where you want them to show up on your site based on your template design, you can change the order they apprear in or if they have a Category associated with them.

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