Using the FCK editor

by robinsnest ~ June 29th, 2008. Filed under: CubeCart Tutorials.

Editing your products and pages in Cubecart could not be easier, the built in FCK editor in Cubecart editing products and pages is as easy as writing an email.  Below is a basic definition of what the buttons in the editor do.

View or edit document source code (for advanced users).
Preview what the HTML page will look like for users.
Remove the highlighted text… (You must select the text first)
Copy the highlighted text… (You must select the text first)
Paste the text you copied (with or without formatting)
Copy content from Microsoft Word, then paste it into the HTML editor using the pop-up accessed from this icon.
Print the HTML page.
Spell check the HTML page.
Undo or redo the most recent action taken.
Find a word or phrase within the text of the HTML page.
Find and replace a word or phrase within the text.
Select all of the text in the HTML page (usually used before copy or cut or to apply a style or format to the whole page).
Remove the formatting from highlighted text… (You must select the text first)
Bold, italic, underscore or strikethrough highlighted text.
Superscript or subscript the highlighted text.
Change the color of the highlighted text.
Change the background color behind the highlighted text.
Add numbering or bullets to highlighted text lines.
Increase or decrease the highlighted text’s indentation.
Alignment of highlighted text (left, centered, right, justified).
Add or remove hyperlink from highlighted text. Also used to manage file uploads and links to files on the web server.
Upload or insert your own or other’s images into the HTML page.
Insert table. Number of columns or rows, and table width, height, borders, & alignment can also be set.
Insert divider line (horizontal rule).
Insert emoticons (e.g. smiley faces, email icon, lightbulb).
Insert symbols & special characters (trademarks, currency, etc.) .
Insert page break. Only impacts printed version.
Online keyboard for certain non-roman character languages.
Styles & formatting determine the appearance of HTML text. You may also use the drop down boxes to style specific elements (such as headings), or set overrides for font face, font size, etc.

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