Setting up a Cubecart Pages with several images displayed

by robinsnest ~ July 3rd, 2008. Filed under: CubeCart Tutorials.

This tutorial will help you to set up a images in a table, it is very handy if you displaying fonts, fabric swatches, appliques or any kind of images that you want on a page for your customers.

Click Site Documents

Click Add New.

Give your document a name just like you do for your other pages, you will click the table icon (the one the arrow is pointing too)

This screen comes up:

Depending on the size of your images that is how you will decide how many columns. If your images are 200 pixels wide, then you could fit two columns nicely on a page.

You will put in the number of rows based on how many images your trying to add.

Caption would be the name of the page for instance I did font choices, you could call it gallery, appliques it is up to you. (you can also leave caption blank then it just wont have a title above the images)

Now in the first square of your table click to add an image.

Click the mountain.

Click Upload.

First Click Browse – find the image you want to put in the first square

Now click Send to Server. Continue the above steps until you have added all your images to your table.

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