Cubecart Step 1

by robinsnest ~ October 14th, 2008. Filed under: CubeCart Tutorials.

When you log into your store the first screen you see says how many products etc. you have. You do not need to worry about licensing your cubecart unless you don’t want the link on the bottom of your store that says Powered by Cubecart.

Next you need to setup your store name and general settings.

You will see a couple of Links here that are helpful for my customers.

Tutorials is for the Tutorials I have created for my customers to help them get around Cubecart.

The Helpdesk is where you go if you need help from me, or would like to ask about an addition or add on.

Billing Center is to pay your hosting bill, or account balances.

The link you want to click to setup your store name and info is General Settings.

The first thing you will fill out is the Meta Data

Now scroll down a bit to where you see the Style & Misc heading.

All of this is pretty self explanatory. You do not need to mess with the settings.

The only other part that you will find you will need is if your having  a sale in your store:

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