Cpanel Zip File Upload

by robinsnest ~ July 21st, 2008. Filed under: CubeCart Tutorials, Website Tutorials.

Uploading multiple zip files can take awhile using the Upload in the Cubecart Admin.

If your hosted with us or you have a cpanel at your current host this is how you do it:

1.) Login to your cpanel the url is usually (if you have not changed your dns on our host the login is (

The username and password provided.

2.) Click the File Manager

3.) Now this screen will come up. BE SURE AND FOLLOW the instructions to get to the folder you need to upload your zip files too. (DO NOT CLICK the UPLOAD FILES Arrow YET)

Click public_html

Click files

Now this screen comes up

Click the uploads folder

Now you are finally at the folder that holds all your zip files.

Click the Arrow next to the Upload File.

This screen comes up:

Now you will click Browse look for the Zip files you want to upload. If your adding a zip file to replace and old one be sure and click Overrite existing files..When you have all the files you want to upload click Upload.

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