Adding Multiple Digital File Options

by robinsnest ~ July 8th, 2008. Filed under: Site News.

The sites I have done for Embroidery have needed multiple formats for download.

I usually set this up for you when I do the cart. But I will show you how I set them up so if you need to add more you can.

If you don’t have any added you will start with this screen:

You type in Format and then Click Add Option

Now you will add your Format Options that you want them to choose from. Keep in mind each choice is a zip file, all of its own.

After you have added all those you need to assign it to your product:

You will pull down the product then assign the option Attribute in that pull down, make sure then you choose downloadable, you will do this for each format you want to assign to that product.

Now you only have to do this for the First Product. If I have set up the options for you it is much easier.

When you click the Add Option Link you will see this QUICK ASSIGN OPTION at the very top of the page:

In the first pull down you will choose a product with options already assigned to it that are the same as the product your doing now.
The second pull down find the product your assigning the current options too, then Click Go.

Now on the left Click View Products
Click the product we just added the options too.

Scroll Down Look for this:


The ones under that you will pull down and add your file to it.

Now click Edit Product.

When updating the digital files only you might get a failed to update message

But if you go and look it will have added the zips, it is just a glitch that happens.

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